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Each Astrology sign has a ruling planet which influences the energy of each of the signs.  Each astrology body butter is infused with herbs that have intentions aligned with that sign. 


Our Astrology Body Butter will not only moisturize your skin, it may also align and balance your enery for  positive outcomes.     


Each butter has a light scent which is listed below.   


Astrology Ruling Planets:

Aries - Mars - 1st house placement - Basil

Taurus - Venus - 2nd house placement- Rose

Gemini - Mercury - 3rd house placement - Lavender

Cancer - The Moon - 4th house placement -  Geranium

Leo - The Sun - 5th house placent - Citrus

Virgo - Mercury - 6th house placement - Lavender

Libra - Venus - 7th house pacement - Rose

Scorpio - Pluto - 8th house placement - Cypress

Sagittarius - Jupiter - 9th house placement - Jasmine

Capricorn - Saturn - 10th house placement - Cypress 

Aquarius - Uranus - 1th  house placement - Lavender
Pisces - Neptune - 12th house placement - Mint

Astrology Body Butter - 8 oz

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